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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

emails: very long indeed! (Skip this bit, if you're not boaty)

Hello, Susy--thanks for your interest in my ad. I cruised the southern coast of Newfoundland several years ago, and it is awesome. Since then I've been trying to circumnavigate the island, but the lack of an adventurous crew and other issues have prevented me from going back. This year I am determined to do it if I have to cruise alone, but would prefer an adventurous companion to share the wonderful anchorages, ports and villages in this remote pristine land.
I'm an extremely safety-conscious sailor, FORTUNE is a sturdy, sea-kindly ketch that is very well equipped for blue water cruising, roomy below, and extremel
y livable for two for extended periods.
I think I'm easy to get along with, hate to argue, quick to forgive, am honest to a fault, share decisions with my partner/crew, and have a good sense of humor. I believe the whole point of distance cruising is to have fun doing the thing we love best, and to enjoy the companionship of a like-minded person.
Please tell me about yourself, your cruising experiences and your familiarity with the Canadian Maritimes. It's rugged country, lots of fog, awesome scenery, history, beautiful coastline, and hospitable people. I can tell you more and point you to some great websites, but want to make sure you know what you'd be getting into. I love it!
Please send photo. Also ask me any questions about your own interests and concerns.
The time frame for my cruise is approximately June 1st to September for the Maritimes, then in the fall, head down the ICW to winter in FL.
Look forward to discussing this further,
Jack Quinn

Looking good so far, so let's continue - bits have been left out, because this all getting rather long ...

Photo of me posing in front of penguins in the Antarctic

How this one starts...

Message from Quequeeg posted 20 Jan 2006:

I’ll be sailing from Rhode Island to the Canadian Maritimes June--September of 2006 in my 36’ Allied Princess ketch. Looking for a compatible woman to join me as partner, crew, friend or more: a fit, 50-60 year young woman with some sailing experience, intelligent, great sense of humor, to share tasks, decisions, and expenses. I retired from the ad biz several years ago, am fit, living aboard, cruising mostly single-handed, experienced blue water sailor, safety conscious, sailing since I was 12, have cruised the entire east coast, FL to Newfoundland, Lake MI, and Mediterranean. Please reply with photo to: Jack.

My reply:

Hi Quequeeg! I've just found this site, and am in the process of losing my job - just the kick I need. So, this is the story so far: I’ve been sailing from the age of 6, my first trip being across the English Channel to Northern France and back, in sea states 2 to 6/7 (so they told me after I had stopped being seasick!). Since then, I have sailed and dived in the South China Sea, out of Singapore; sailed, motored and dived around England, Wales and Scotland; was delivery crew on a 40ft ketch from England to the Baltic; numerous trips x-Channel to France and across Biscay to N Spain. I have owned, sailed and navigated 3 boats from 22 to 35 feet, sailing mainly round the East Coast of England. I have RYA qualifications: practical Day Skipper, theory Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean. Still and forever learning! Been diving (air) for 15+ years (BSAC Club Instructor qualified). I’ve cooked at most angles of heel, and it stayed on the plates! I love: sailing at night, diving in cold water, living on board, wandering, singing and writing. I’m 58, sound in mind, wind and limb, a non-smoker and occasional drinker. I deal with luxury and penury, no problem. I have 4 grownup children, speak fair French, some German and Italian, understand some Spanish, and at the moment, I teach people how to use their computers. Looking at this, it’s a bunch of lists – the real me just wants to run away to sea! Susy