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Monday, December 31, 2007

Party on, dude - yay!! but not too much?

I've made a few resolutions for tonight's party - at the same friends' house as last year, amazingly enough.

So - I will not drink enough wine to look at a vodka bottle and think approvingly that drinking a quarter of the vod bottle is a good idea. I will not, under the influence, blab all about my private life, so it's no longer private. I will not, under the influence, snog a girfriend. And then do it again. I will not puke on my hosts' carpet, or my host. I will not need a wee, and have to be hauled on to the loo by mine host. I will not get to passing-out drunk and the paramedics called. The only thing I didn't do was get a hangover..

A night to remember - never to do again ...


Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas to all my readers

I'll post a pic of the decorated olive tree of peace here soon, but in the meantime - everyone have the best of all possible times!! And may they continue all through next year.

Lots of love, darlings!


mwah mwah mwah!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


comes with this Freeview box. Who needs ridiculously expensive diamonds, when for tiny fractions of the cost of a multi-carat diamond ring, you can get engaged with diamonique. As the presenter chatters: wouldn't you rather have a ring with sentimental value rather than physical value?

Not really, no.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas is a-coming ...

With green exhortations deafening my ears, I went to buy a potted Christmas tree this morning. The only one left at the garden centre was the size of a very small twig stuck expensively in a cheap plastic pot.

So - to remind me of the Mediterranean and sunshine, I bought an olive tree! It can grow and grow and grow - 10 feet tall + over the years!

Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Couple of things

Rachel rang me today, because apparently Isabella asked to speak to her telephone-shaped grandmother ... we had a very long talk, mostly about my apparently misplaced sense of what I find funny ...

Oh - that's Rachel talking, not Isabella, in case you were confused!

Christmas is an odd time - along with New Year - looking back and forward. I'm sure the older we get, the more bittersweet this time of year becomes. The knowledge of what we have and haven't done or achieved, and the chances of doing the things we haven't done naturally diminishing, for whatever reason. But then, I'm always one to look ahead - rather like my ever-optimistic dog Buster, who always knew something unbelievably magical was just about to happen!!

It often does.

A Brief Encounter

On the train a few days ago I exchanged a couple of non-descript words with a (ok, yes, he was rather good-looking) young man in the seats across the aisle. I was slightly aware of him getting up to go - but honestly, darlings, even I'm beyond lusting after youths ..

As he left, I heard a slight sound, a sort of papery rustle, and looked. I'd only received a billet-doux!! Well, it's got to happen once in my lifetime, hasn't it? With his phone number ....

Hmmmm, what to do? :-D

Am I a superhero?

I don't THINK so ... but this said otherwise ...? And I'm now a man ... hmmmmmm... Or a swinger?

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Finn's in the picture

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Painting around the house

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


The man in the bronze suit gave me a painting yesterday. Bubble wrapped, and not allowed to look until today. It's part of a project - 7 paintings inspired by 7 strangers - and he's got exhibition rights. I opened it today, and it's currently sitting on top of my fake fire - bright blues and pinks, and impressions of roses round the portal to the inset painting. On the back is a hook for hanging it up - at right angles to the word 'top'. So, which way is up? I shall rotate it.

He had told me a story yesterday. He was called in to his neighbours' house - the wife had found her husband staring into space, sitting rigid in his chair, his hands suspended as if resting on a table. Calling the ambulance service, he was instructed to lay the man down, to make sure his airway was clear, but as the man was immoveably stiff, he had to be tipped back, complete with his chair, and couldn't be persuaded to assume a more relaxed posture. Terribly sad, of course - I had to hold my lips to stop laughing too much, tears streaking mascara down my cheeks ...

I must attract dead people stories.


started with one of my favourite brekkies - getting up late and eating bagels with soft cheese and smoked salmon, fruit salad, tea.

Then off to the station for a quick dash up to London - late as usual, so by the time I got there, I rushed into a cab instead of rushing down into the bowels of the horrible tube, and spent an enjoyable fortune watching the streets and buildings and people of London go by. I'm still no better at joined-up London, though - years of poking my head out of random tube stations like a bewildered gopher, and I know it's actually endless parallel, multiple Londons ...

And I'm late for an appointment - south of the river. I'm going to the Tate Modern for the first time ever. Weird, building a massive power station right opposite St Paul's - but as an art gallery, it's unbelievable - yes, I know, it's old news, but it's yet another London for me. Anyway, the appointment is a date with a sculptor, who is going to introduce me to the TM. Hooray! My own tour guide! I love being a guided tourist! 'I'm here' I text, and the reply is 'Meet me at the end of the Crack'. The Crack of Doom is on the same scale as the building - a huge fracture throughout the entire length of the Turbine (ground) Hall. I walk alongside the Crack, peering into it's narrow depths. Whoever fell into it must have been a Flat Stanley... or a publicity stunt. And right at the end is the man in the bronze suit, like those street performers in Covent Garden, in their stiffened metallic-painted robes, invisible red lights glowing at their fingertips. Meet Artimus.

We go for a sandwich and a naice cuppa tea - he's a member, so we're in the Members' Cafe, with a stunning view over the Thames. Shame it's too cold to sit outside. Then off to Louise Bourgeois' exhibition. She's now in her mid-90s and still sculpting. Now, I'm not going to try to describe the exhibition - it's huge in content, materials and range, and tiny in details - and not precisely comfortable - and joy of joys, my guide lectures me throughout, explaining and describing her motives and rationale behind the pieces. It's truly enthralling - makes a change from my usual gawping - mmm, that's nice, oooo don't like that. I've been inspired to sort out an idea with my poems ...

By the time we've explored this exhibition, and mooched round another floor - really, far far too much for one visit - he has to go home, and I have another date - Christmas drinks with chums. We say goodbye outside in the dark in freezing cold, surround by an ice sculptor (can you see what it is yet?) and a Frost Fair and kids with huge paper lanterns.

I wander a bit, then cross the new wigglybutnotnowwiggly footbridge, suspended over the rough and heaving Thames, between the huge bloodred, angular, brick towered TM powerhouse, floating on the lantern lights, and the luminious white bosom of St Paul's at the other side. The very female cathedral, designed and built by men, opposite the thrusting male chimney stacks of the TM, housing a woman's rampant creativity.

Then by taxi to the bar near Holborn, rush down to the loos, change from 50s existentialist black high necked sweater, to black cleavaged glitter, on with the high heeled sandals, red lippy and off to find the promised champagne.. So much screeching and laughing against the deafening music - mwah, mwah, darlings!! Then later, starving, off to an Italian restaurant, linguine with bacon and avocado in a cream sauce, and a lift back to King's Cross, to see my train getting smaller, as it accelerated away without me.. It was freezing bloody cold, waiting for the next train - still wearing the sequins, of course - and by the time the last train for Cambridge pulled in, I wasn't going to be last in the queue - I sharpened my elbows, pushed through the drunks at the end of the carriage, got a seat, and dozed all the way home.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mind you

the radio channels are heaps better than my mouldy old radio with the broken arial...

I've put on my grateful face 8~D

And how's this for a cute Christmas picture?

Kicking and screaming

I'm being forced to go digital. For months my cute little televisions have been under threat - a horrible onslaught on my dear ole analogue black boxes lurking in various corners of my house. So while I was away (he always does this) my son took advantage of my absence to sneak a Freeview box into the sitting room, where it perches next to the HUGE GINORMOUS telly I'm telly-sitting for the absentee daughter ...

So now, instead of hunching over my laptop all night, I'm now frantically pressing buttons on the new zapper, in case something interesting is being broadcast over gawdonlyknows how many extra channels .. and I might miss out on something .. oh, the stress!

Where once I was quite content with four mundane terrestrial channels, now I feel obliged to surf my way round and round. I had to have a special lesson on using the zapper from the lodger - feeling like an ole curmudgeonly dodderer (ackshully, it was cos I couldn't be arsed to work it out for myself hehe). And the buttons aren't very sensitive - I'm developing HUGE GINORMOUS thumb muscles.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sticky beaking again

Overheard today:

A female friend of a female friend got a job at an undertakers - because she liked working with people ...


You see - I didn't go to bed, did I? And these are the new Prada spex, after the removal of the head gear and makeup - it's now nearly 2.30 ...
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Yes I know it's blurry - but it's 2 in the mornng, and if you're wondering - and you might well be - why I'm up at this time, and why I'm looking rather odd(er) - well, this was the Duchess headdress and makeup I wore for the very abbreviated version of Alice in Wonderland not-quite-a-panto for the Friends of the drama group.

This was about the hundredth photo I took and doesn't show the black outlined lips and the Amy Whitehouse eyes (yes, I know, I know - I'm sooooo fucking cool, I know who's who hehe ......). Anyway, my eyes are actually shut.

This is the first time I've tried all this out with my new camera - and it wasn't very difficult - just hadn't got round to it. Heyhey!! There'll be no stopping me now ..

And so to bed. Byeeeeeeee!!
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What my soul really looks like

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