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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How this one starts...

Message from Quequeeg posted 20 Jan 2006:

I’ll be sailing from Rhode Island to the Canadian Maritimes June--September of 2006 in my 36’ Allied Princess ketch. Looking for a compatible woman to join me as partner, crew, friend or more: a fit, 50-60 year young woman with some sailing experience, intelligent, great sense of humor, to share tasks, decisions, and expenses. I retired from the ad biz several years ago, am fit, living aboard, cruising mostly single-handed, experienced blue water sailor, safety conscious, sailing since I was 12, have cruised the entire east coast, FL to Newfoundland, Lake MI, and Mediterranean. Please reply with photo to: Jack.

My reply:

Hi Quequeeg! I've just found this site, and am in the process of losing my job - just the kick I need. So, this is the story so far: I’ve been sailing from the age of 6, my first trip being across the English Channel to Northern France and back, in sea states 2 to 6/7 (so they told me after I had stopped being seasick!). Since then, I have sailed and dived in the South China Sea, out of Singapore; sailed, motored and dived around England, Wales and Scotland; was delivery crew on a 40ft ketch from England to the Baltic; numerous trips x-Channel to France and across Biscay to N Spain. I have owned, sailed and navigated 3 boats from 22 to 35 feet, sailing mainly round the East Coast of England. I have RYA qualifications: practical Day Skipper, theory Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean. Still and forever learning! Been diving (air) for 15+ years (BSAC Club Instructor qualified). I’ve cooked at most angles of heel, and it stayed on the plates! I love: sailing at night, diving in cold water, living on board, wandering, singing and writing. I’m 58, sound in mind, wind and limb, a non-smoker and occasional drinker. I deal with luxury and penury, no problem. I have 4 grownup children, speak fair French, some German and Italian, understand some Spanish, and at the moment, I teach people how to use their computers. Looking at this, it’s a bunch of lists – the real me just wants to run away to sea! Susy


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