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Sunday, May 28, 2006

On the loos in Flushing (not for the inconvenienced)

Whether you call them banos, servicios, restrooms, toilets, lavatories or loos, they all have their own little characters. And most of the character depends on the flush.

If you are at all concerned about your internal health, may I recommend the Chilean flush, where there is ample opportunity for diagnosis. There is also the little extra regarding provision and disposal of paper. Recommended: take your own. But otherwise, be sure to take more than enough provided from the dispenser outside the compartment in public conveniences - ignore this and be sure to be caught short. Disposal: generally in an adjacent bin. Hope for a bin with a foot pedal. Major pluses: often provided with those paper loo seats and most are extremely clean.

Airlines: go early in the flight, as later, well, things are getting a bit crowded. The flush button is often hidden behind the bowl, but when found operates with speed. There's nothing wrong with your waterworks, by the way - no, you're not pi - er -passing blue water.

Most recent experience has been in the restroom of a All-American Diner. Whatever you do, DONT get up, even temporarily, unless you really have finished. A minor shufflebum induced a horrendous noise behind my behind. Evacuation took on another meaning.


  • At 6:33 pm , Blogger Raybelle de Jour said...


    chilean loos are extra-special when the well goes dry all of a sudden and there's no means to flush them.


    I love you - when are you off cos want to call before you go????



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