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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Charting the depths

Approaching Nova Scotia, and more names kick in - starting with the place itself, of course. They were sailors far from their home ports - Yarmouth, Clyde River, then later Liverpool, Medway Harbour. The French had Port Mouton and Joli - not so much yearning here, but always an interest in food (find out later, P Mouton named after a sheep that died here - draw your own conclusions about being far from home, also cf the sheep hype at Valle de la Muerte in Chile. Must be universal tee hee.) However, rather than the settlers' names, it's the unsettling naming of certain features which worries me - The Salvages, Little Hope, Coffin Island to name but a few.

But we're heading for the first waypoint here - Brazil Rock - nut shaped? Named by a nuit? Fondness for nuts? Got swept further north than expected? Nut crackers? Who knows, but we'd better not crack ourselves on it - I know who'd win.

(PS This was written before the storm)


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