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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not Desperate Enough Housewife

This morning, I'd arranged a longstanding appointment with a dating agency. This is so ridiculous, can't a) believe I did it b) stop laughing about it!!

The Lady Pimp in question is well - er - well over 80, crunched over, sharp as a pin, been doing this for so long, it was like putting on a record. I met her at a hotel in a nearby town. Showed into an interview room - obviously she and her equally ancient companion had had breakfast there, as the old coffee cups and cold toast were still on a side table. Hmm. The elderly gent was to take her place in the foyer to meet and greet subsequent interviewees. He got up, reaching for his crutch (hahahahaha! - no, a metal one!!!!) and hobbled out. Great image...

(In my words) - she told me not to expect very much in view of my advanced years, oh and that'll be £300+vat, sign here please. I said I wanted a young man, good in bed, could I think about her offer of Norfolk Estate Man (late 60s) with the broken leg?


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