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Monday, May 12, 2008

Acopperlypse Now - well, last night,anyway

Working on my tan here in the daytimes, and sleeping with the french doors flung wide open. And in the middle of last night, the wretched police felt like exercising their acopperlyptic powers NOW - thundering through the skies above my garden... Last time they did that, they were shining their spotlight all round my house and garden, and in the windows, all for some local yoofs here (a permanent problem) who'd been keying cars in the next road. Well, I'm all for patrolling the 'hood, but by car, on foot, in pairs, etc please - just seems a bit of overkill, saying nothing of the enormous expense, to call the coptercops out ... Actually, it's very scary to be woken up by what sounds like huge tanks about to hurl themselves through the walls of my house.

I'm getting more and more like some grumpy old retired major general, twirling my moustache, writing to right wing newspapers and grizzling about the state of the nation. To say nothing about the threatening public service ads for telly licences and car tax and cheating the social. Democracy, my (admittedly gorgeous spankable) arse...

Enough of that - sleepless in Fulbourn will be getting on with her day, which will shortly involve paying credit card bills, booking that trip to China (I have to do those things in that order, to get enough credit again ..) and then I hope going to a garden nursery with son and his gf.


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