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Friday, October 10, 2008

I can blog from my phone - I bought a duff used (well, I would, but I didn't know it, did I?) memory card for my camera, and it wont work any more... Hoory for the phone I say! I'll put a couple of Tongli (beautiful beautiful place) on there, but sadly not too many as I ran out of credit .. and daren't do that again!

The food has overall been great - when Kent the Chinese guide chose for us - tasty, varied, lots of it and I was starting to bulge (more). Oh, except for the Mongolian equivalent of fondu - greasy boiled lamb fat, anyone? When left to our own devices, choosing from brightly coloured pictures - grooooooo!! Inedible ... made spam look appealing ...
(As I'm now at my daughter's and it's rather rude to be blogging/emailing/writing to you delightful people, this message will be copied on to the blog to save time).

My charming Chilean son-in-law is setting up the barbeque on the balcony of their apartment - his new toy, so I'll say bye bye for now. x


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