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Friday, October 03, 2008

Weds 24 September

As a parting gift to the Dong Fang Hotel, I fused the electricity in my bedroom with the hairdryer.

One second, I'm shouting to Tina how marvellous this hair dryer is, then phhutt! And it isn't ...

Today, the Temple of Heaven, wearing flipflops in the rain, and of course millions of slippery marble steps. This was extremely scary, so I took them off, which made the proper Chinese tourists look very disapproving.

Later in the Pearl Market - a multi storey building built for the sole purpose of parting tourists from their money - I bought a bright pashmina, but the continuous hassle 'Lady, come and see this!' 'Lady you want a bag, a watch, shoes, jewellery ..!' was too much. Mind you, if you DID stop, they didn't keep on, well, not much anyway.


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