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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Extract from an email:

"Gosh you'd have loved to have been here for Christmas chez les W* en masse ... loud noisy crowded arguing shouting chattering adults tripping over children small and large losing the dog who went for a walk to escape the mayhem brightly coloured wrapping paper all over the floor exclamations over the super presents peanut butter for T*(son) mulled wine and champagne and beer and that was before we even started lunch ...."

And now (Boxing Day) I've been making enormous (bought, not home-made) chicken casseroles, salmon in cheese sauce, chicken soup, chicken stock, and leftover vegetables fried with home-made fried eggs, and now off to eat trifle for brunch!

Happy Christmas to all my readers!


  • At 3:32 pm , Anonymous Laurie said...

    Missing you! Where are you susyrosy????


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