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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gee, that's SWELL!

Been feeling a bit queasy today. Wearing acupressure wristbands – hope over experience.
Wearing two pairs of trousers now beneath the waterproofs, so I can get two pairs wet, dank and smelly all at once, instead of one at a time. Obviously, this is not the best day. We’re going for Cape Race, off the south-east tip of Newfoundland, where gusts up to 35 knots have been forecast (sound familiar?), and thence up the right hand side to Fermeuse Bay.
Actually, there has been one thing which lightened the day and that was a small pod of common bottlenosed dolphins. There were about five or six appearing above the surface, one doing backflips for joy. They were only there for a minute or so – that we could see.
I have a theory that all sea mammals will appear behind the boat, and we shall miss them, rather like the rollerblading pandas in an advert. But I caught this lot out, but coming up on deck and spotting them!
I see several more dolphins over the course of the day; only a handful at a time, hunting, their fins cutting through the water, creating a bow wave quite distinct from the surrounding waves. The smooth grays of their bodies are also different from the choppy wavelets.
I have noticed that if you see shearwaters gathering, today this has meant there are dolphins about. When the shearwaters land (?) on the sea, they dunk their little faces under the water looking for fish – endearing!
“Out across the endless sea …” I carol.
I have decided on a dragonfly tattoo – now where to have it? J says it defiles the body, so I said mine’s been defiled for years and jolly good fun it’s been, too.
We’re skirting the northern edge of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. One dubious pleasure is not having to play dodgems in the fog with the fishing boats. No fish = no boats. As a species, to what extent is our stupidity? “Endless.” Thanks, Norah.

PS - just heard a whaling charity is now approving whaling again - no details yet, but really ...


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