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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chasing the French away

We walk to the bus depot - a visit to the reconstructed Forteresse - rebuilt on the foundations of the original 18 century ruins. Five minutes' walk - oh no - more like half an hour - Mom thought we had a car. Then by tour bus five mins to the fortress - with reenactors in period costume, pretending to be French colonists making sure none of us were British or their allies. As my eldest daughter thinks my French is a figment of my imagination, I thought I would show off, and declined to speak English to the guard. He was, of course, totally convinced.

Excellent place - and the actors knew their stuff and more. And did it all in French and/or English. The real stuff 250 years ago is actually dopey. The French were invaded, besieged, defeated and deported twice - both times by the English, and both times - both times within 15 years - the same way. So, the French defended the seaward side and the Brits invaded by land behind them. You would have thought they'd learn from the first time - or even think of it before it happened the first time - I remember similar things happening to/by the Greeks (not personally tee hee), so it wasn't news 250 years ago.

By the time we'd walked back into town, we were a bit tired (oh, yes) and J ended up sleeping from 9 to 9. I'd been up since 2 that morning, and even I was flagging ...


  • At 1:06 pm , Blogger Raybelle de Jour said...

    Why can't we leave comments??

    Very funny Mum - sounds excellent it really does.

    I'm so happy that everything's going well.

    Millions of love Always


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