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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Stairway to Heaven

In gorgeous Lunenburg, painted pastel houses climbing the hills - all petite, people friendly!

I think mountain climbing people call it rappelling - climbing leaning backwards round a bulging bit of rockface. Anyway, that's me, mountain goating my way up the metal rungs of the ladder, bag in teeth, flipflops wavering, knuckles bonewhite. My first landfall for nearly 2 weeks - nearly slipped and kissed the ground. Come to think of it, DID kiss the ground, which still, a couple of days later, continues to rockkkk - oops!

Into the showers - fisherman quality - nowhere to hang the girly bag. Tried to peel off the clothes, but too welded to skin, so I soaked me and them, until lamination took place. Reached into bag, got out wire brush, applied to skin, removed a couple of layers. My God! I actually have a pink skin, not that yellow grey stuff. The joys of a shower after almost two weeks without, living, sleeping, everything in the same clothes! I did do the old trick - reach into the dirty clothes bag and pull out some old trousers - and yes, they really werent too bad!!!!!

Later, (13 June), took huge bags of Jack's and my washing to the laundromat. Really strange feeling, washing someone else's smalls ..... But at least we both smell nice, in body and clothing.

See you later


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