susys running away to sea

"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Have away, me Johnnies ....

Leaving Seldom Come By in glorious sunshine, I'm helming in vest top, underpinnings, and rolled up trousers. Who wants white strapmarks in the tan, girls? Not me. So, all straps at half mast. Sadly the formerly capacious family bosom still retains enough weighty dignity to bring all scaffolding down, so - heave away, haul away, and back to strapmarks.


  • At 9:00 pm , Blogger Raybelle de Jour said...

    I'm not entirely sure about the 'family' prefix to the word 'bosom'. Have you ever looked at your 3 daughters' chests? (And note the use of 'chests' rather than 'breasts'.) Are you SURE you're our mother?? hahaha. Millions of love XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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