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Monday, July 17, 2006

Thurs 13 July

Odd changes of mood today.

Left Catalina (pretty bay, narrow entrance, library, one shop) at 8 - no wind, sunshine, puffins everywhere bobbing in the water, diving, taking off, bellyflopping on takeoff, and a flypast of 3, banking over the bow with their stumpy orange feet sticking out behind.

Under engine up towards the turn into Bonavista Bay; a whale appeared several times - just its back, smooth, gray, slow and elegant. I steered from my monkey positin through the long, large, lazy swells. (Getting a bit adjectival here.) I felt - slim, brown, exuberant, free - me!

Anyway, out we come into Bonavista Bay - and it is almost as untouched as when John Cabot saw and named it 700 years ago - beautiful and islanded into the distance. Autohelm on to cross the Bay, and I snooze; J on watch.

Our destination is Smokey Hole, deep at the end of a little bay, and it's wonderful, a long narrow entrance, rocky slabs piled on each other, pine trees all round on the enclosing hills, and some fishing shacks on stilts. We anchor. Another boat comes in later, and anchors as well. We wave to each other. I cook supper and try using a gingerbread cake mix as a pancake thingy in the new NON-STICK pan - hmmm - OKish.

So, here I am in a beautiful place, having a great adventure, exploring out of the way places, and I'm back to the old feeling I had right at the start of this trip - that I should be doing this with someone I love.


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