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Sunday, February 04, 2007

I saw a ...

While making up the bed for my middle daughter and husband just now, I went to the airing cupboard for clean sheets.

Hmmm, sez I to myself, bending down to pick up autumn leaf from the floor of said cupboard, how did that leaf get blown in from outside, up the stairs and under the closed cupboard door?

Just - JUST - in time, as hand reaching out and almost closing round little brown curled up leaf, I saw it was a mummified mouseling. That's what sons in law are for...

Oh, and errm, I have a little confession here.

One of the children's hamsters escaped (this is years ago) and disappeared immediately. After a time, there was a really horrible smell in the kitchen, which I pretended I couldn't smell - denied it strongly in fact, as strongly as the stench... After yet more time - quite a bit of time, actually, my then husband pulled the freezer away from the wall, where this frightful smell was coming from. The hampy had chewed through something electrical, electrocuted itself, and then decomposed .... it was simply disgusting. I made my husband clear it up. Well, gotta be a squeamish girlie sometimes, you know...


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