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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Computers, pah! (1)

Yesterday, I was using my laptop on battery (slobbing on the sofa, watching the telly at the same time). When it came to the end of the battery life, I took it back to the dining table, and plugged the mains connection into the back of the lappy, sat down, and happily started using it again. After a few minutes, it went 'PING!' and died on me. Horrors! What to do? Life without the laptop?

"TI-IIIM" I sat there, mourning the corpse of the dead laptop, yelling for my son. I wish I could say he rushed to my aid, but truth is, after about 10 minutes, he ambled by. He glanced in my direction, then bent to insert the plug in the socket on the wall, and flicked the switch ....


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