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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Itchy feet

Next year is another one for running away. This time - unless I get a better offer - will be a RTW air ticket to join the dots of places and people to visit. So, on the list so far is, in no particular order:

Sydney, Australia (friends)
New Zealand (N & S islands)
China, Mongolia, Tibet (holidays, organised and other)
India (rendezvous with a friend)
Namib desert (because I want to go to a desert)
Chile (again - daughter)
Peru (ooops mountain sickness, but Macchu Pichu natch)
Easter Island (because son got there ... hehe)
New Jersey, US (brother)
Rhode Island (Jack, last yrs skipper - but he might be in
Nova Scotia (friends)
Newfoundland, fingers crossed (friends)
Vancouver (beautiful)
France (week's holiday - solo canal barge hire, to see if I can do it by myself)

OK - that's the rough idea. Got any suggestions about running order/accommodation ideas/other places to visit fitting in this outline itinerary?

(PS - Alaska)


  • At 5:53 am , Blogger malerina said...

    Hi Susy,

    Just surfed in after seeing you on breakfast time :D

    Well done with the sailing!



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