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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Fenland Fair

Just a quick note - a little family outing - me, son Tim and Jess, his gf, and two grandchildren (not their's) Zia and Ebby. Strong family resemblance between us all, so we fitted in - locals at last.

Zia tried clay pigeon shooting - and unfortunately let the gun slip down his arm when he pulled the trigger. Ouch! That really hurt! Poor chap - might put him off guns, though - so look on the bright side. After half an hour of wandering around here and getting deafened by the continuous bang of the shotguns, the kids were getting fed up - I'd promised them a fair - not a heap of green clad, green wellied, flat capped, black labradored country types. We wandered past a row of chemical loos, round a few trees - and phew, what a relief! A tower slide, flying horses, bouncy castles, hook-a-duck, coconut shy, hot dogs. A quick way to spend a great deal of money - but happy children! Worth it...

And dogs everywhere - from lopey, rough coated deer hounds to prancing chihuahuas. Zia was entranced, sitting in front of temporarily stationary dogs, stroking their ears and kissing their faces. We were very pleased we'd left Finny at home - he'd have hated the heat and especially the loud gun bangs - for the offspring of working parents, he's a total wimp with noises.

We saw a parade of old tractors painted in primary colours, a traction engine, a gypsy caravan, convertible Morris Minors (I lust after them), and sat on straw bales around the main parade ring, watching the dog disobedience class.

I bought yet another cake (homemade, fruit, heavy) for my daughter's wedding this Saturday - rather have too many than too few. Now both are way out of reach of Finn's greedyguts ...

We ended up in the smelly ferret tent. It might have been the ferrets - but then it might have been the owners, draped all over in furry ferret collars, gloves and hats. Ferrets lay in heaps all over each other, piled high in their hammocks and cages, lying half in half out of a hammock, too sleepy to bother to fall out completely ... Ebs wanted to hold and stroke a ferret, which she did, a couple of times. She insisted Mummy would like to have ferrets. Unlikely, I think..


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