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Monday, December 17, 2007

Couple of things

Rachel rang me today, because apparently Isabella asked to speak to her telephone-shaped grandmother ... we had a very long talk, mostly about my apparently misplaced sense of what I find funny ...

Oh - that's Rachel talking, not Isabella, in case you were confused!

Christmas is an odd time - along with New Year - looking back and forward. I'm sure the older we get, the more bittersweet this time of year becomes. The knowledge of what we have and haven't done or achieved, and the chances of doing the things we haven't done naturally diminishing, for whatever reason. But then, I'm always one to look ahead - rather like my ever-optimistic dog Buster, who always knew something unbelievably magical was just about to happen!!

It often does.


  • At 12:40 am , Blogger Raybelles/Bella said...

    hi mummy, well not really misplaced, it's just that i don't get that you're joking sometimes - my sense of humour is probably not very developed... xXxxx


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