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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kicking and screaming

I'm being forced to go digital. For months my cute little televisions have been under threat - a horrible onslaught on my dear ole analogue black boxes lurking in various corners of my house. So while I was away (he always does this) my son took advantage of my absence to sneak a Freeview box into the sitting room, where it perches next to the HUGE GINORMOUS telly I'm telly-sitting for the absentee daughter ...

So now, instead of hunching over my laptop all night, I'm now frantically pressing buttons on the new zapper, in case something interesting is being broadcast over gawdonlyknows how many extra channels .. and I might miss out on something .. oh, the stress!

Where once I was quite content with four mundane terrestrial channels, now I feel obliged to surf my way round and round. I had to have a special lesson on using the zapper from the lodger - feeling like an ole curmudgeonly dodderer (ackshully, it was cos I couldn't be arsed to work it out for myself hehe). And the buttons aren't very sensitive - I'm developing HUGE GINORMOUS thumb muscles.


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