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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Home again home again jiggety jig

Yes, back home in the boosum of my family - who leapt on me as I hit the door for babysitting duties!

And Ebby preferred to come and cuddle her favourite (and only) grandma instead of going to ooooh and aaaaah over the two little baby chicks, born a week ago... As Ebbs is reading this over my shoulder, I think I ought to write something about her. And I ought to take a photo and show you all what a 'pretty little girl I am' - this is now being dictated by Ebby ...

Hold on.


  • At 5:52 pm , Anonymous ebzo said...

    ohhhhhhhh thats me ebzy how cool i am grandma put me on wow im soooooooooooo pretty haha! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • At 9:45 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    noooooo we didnt just want you to babysit!!!!! haha they just wanted to stay at yours every friday and saturday night tee hee :-) oh..and the chicks are bigger you, daisy xx

    ps ebony is very funny and very beautiful...


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