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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gannet Squadron

'Gannet Leader, Gannet Leader, this is Gannet Two - come in please. Over'

'Gannet Two this is Gannet Leader. Over'

"Gannet Leader, check out those shags drying their wings on the buoy at 3 oclock. Can we disturb them just a little, Gannet Leader? Can we? Please? Can we? Over'

Roger that, Roger - er- Gannet Two. I see them. Gannet Squadron, Gannet Squadron - have you got your bombs in position? See that little bunch of birdies down there? In tight formation now, right wheel, descend to ten feet above sea level, come in over them, then fire at will! Over.'

'Gannet Leader, Gannet Leader - Janet, this is Will - er - Gannet Three. Why is everyone aiming at me? Over.'

'Oops, sorry Will. Belay that order, Gannet Squadron - aim for the bally shags, chaps ... Bombs away!! Over'

'Jolly good show, chaps - got the little blighters! See 'em jumping in to wash all that off! First rate work, men. Regroup at 40 feet. Over'

'Gannet Leader, this is Roger. Shoals below. I repeat, shoals below. Over'

'Well spotted, Roger! Gannet Squadron - aim for shoals below. Dive, dive, dive!'

'Er, Janet, er, Gannet Leader, this is Roger- maybe the new glasses need adjusting - I meant rock, not fish ... ooo. Ouch. That must have hurt. Roger and Out.'

Idle minutes ....


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