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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Having been told about a useful tiny travelling laptop for sale today one day only Aldi bargain, I nipped out and queued outside Aldi this morning, being pushed around and gazumped by some ferocious old ladies using their trolleys as instruments of violence. You could tell the experienced shoppers (beyond a certain age/trollied) from the would-be laptop snappers-up (Sunday slob clothes/untrollied).

The doors were opened by a young girl, who was immediately pounced on by the ravening laptop hordes, one of whom was your esteemed correspondent. Aghast, she shrank back and retreated into the treasure repository, or as she called it, the office, returning a few minutes later with four. And that was all there were. FOUR mini laptops. And a queue of 20 buyers.

I was third in the queue. Hehehe.


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