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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hanging in Shanghai

Today, Saturday 11 October

I've now had a chance to unwind a bit from the frantic, wonderful, gallop across China. I thought I'd be energised and revitalised and fitter after three weeks travelling - instead I woke up this morning feeling rather like death. I dragged myself to get ready to go out with Isabella and Rodrigo for a walk, while Rachel had a Mandarin lesson. In the lift I had to admit to exhaustion, went back to bed, and dozed for a couple of hours...

When I next got up, I felt a lot better, so leaving Isabella with Hong her ayi, who Bells adores, Rachel, Rodrigo and I took a taxi from the Pudong (brand new, westernised) side of Shanghai's river Huanpo, to the Puxi (Poo-shee - old, Chinese) side. We visited Taikang Lu, a maze of little alleyways in the old French Concession. The tiny old houses are now a maze of very expensive, chic shops and cafes and after three weeks of Chinese food and chopsticks, I had pizza and fingers....

This afternoon we took Bella out to the park, where the local school (Dulwich College I kid you not) was running a sports day/pre hallowe'en afternoon. Later I had a kiwi and banana icecream and found a great abstract dragonfly picture for my tattoo.


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