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Friday, October 03, 2008

Saturday - Sechuan province - land of the chilli

It seems the entire city of Chengdu is at the railway station. It's the beginning of the national holiday week, and all China is on the move.

Signs are often in English as well as Chinese, and lose nothing in translation... we are exhorted not to stride, not to lie down .. as if ..

We go to the Sechuan Opera and stay in Emei Shan.

The Opera isn't a patch on the Beijing Opera, despite the best efforts of the clown, balancing a lighted candle on his head, and the sword-and-steel-ball-swallower (yuck). However, the puppet dancing and the mask changing was ASTOUNDING!!!! Kent doesn't know how they do it - right in front of us! Apparently only a few people can do it properly and it takes years of practise. And unusually, there was a woman doing it, too.

Eating out has been brilliant - Kent takes us to lots of different restaurants to try out the different food, from the better sort down to local places. Each meal costs less than a fiver - way less ..


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