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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh dear - yet another extracted reply to a message

I, on the other hand, am rushing around (for me) virtually non-stop! If it isn't lunch with friends, it's going to be coffee and narrowboats this afternoon .. oh, the mad social whirl ...

And another thing I've managed to do quite a bit of this year is to NOT spend money .. so far this year, I havent bought two narrowboats, a new bath, an eye-watering Roman blind, a pair of expensive curtains (got an identical pair quarter the price though - ebay!), or too much food (diet) - so the economy new year is going pretty well so far!

Oh, and bugger the age bit - it doesn't stop me doing anything I take a (cheap/free) fancy to - so hooray for the OAP rail card - bugger being 'senior' too. FGS don't witter on about being farkin OLD (I don't think you do, do you?) - someone recently kept on banging on about it until I could have smacked his silly face.

Am I feeling a bit feisty these days? Well, why not .. nothing to lose, lots to gain ...

Oh, and I've blocked someone on this site for the first time! That made me feel very good. hehe

Susy x

PS Where do you live? West country? Lovely down there, though the flatlands round here are pretty stupendous in a bleak way. I'm off to talk to a bloke about narrowboats this afternoon .... I think I'd better sew up my pockets, or cut off my hands ..



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