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Friday, May 19, 2006

The 3 Marias and the lion

On to the three Marias, a sort of adobe (what else) and rock formation of what actually looks like 4 large lumps of shit sticking out of the ground. The largest lump, in the middle, is a madonna carrying a baby with a bobble hat. You might be able to spot this in the photo. The fourth lump is apparently a lion. By now, we suspect many of these 'tourist attractions' are the inspired work of a priest, who wanted to improve the local economy when the cattle trails dried up. 'I know!' he shouted, as the word of Dosh descended on to his shoulders, 'Let's make this a hippy trail! They'll be so exhausted, pushing their loaded bikes up and down these mountains, carting ginormous backpacks twice their size, so stoned with er, er, oh yes, the altitude, of course, they'll believe anything! Halleluyah! We'll all be saved!' And they are ...

By the way, there's also a salt mine here, more of a hole in the ground. R and I lick our fingers and rub them on a salty looking outcrop. Mm, yes, that's salt. And mm, yes, how many other hundreds or thousands of other people have done this too? It's very shiny. Posted by Picasa


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