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"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Monday, May 08, 2006

Puerto Varas

Chile is long and thin, and has one road running from top to bottom. Rachel and I caught the TurBus to go south, and had the sort of seats I can only dream of on aeroplanes - large, wide, comfortable, reclining, footrests to make a bed. Perfecto!

Actually, we went as far as the bus went - Puerto Montt. But in the rain, it looked dismal, and is really a place to leave for other places. So we left pretty quickly, in a little cranky white minibus (so cheap!) and went to Puerto Varas in Chile's Lake District. Now, if you want to compare with UK Lake District, multiply in size by probably, 100. We ended up on the edge of this ENORMOUS lake, with PV in an extremely pretty bay. And the sun came out! Surprise, surprise - on the far distant shore was a huge volcano - Vulcan Osorno, floating among the clouds, snow capped, shining in the sun. At this time of year - otorno - it's rare to see 100 metres in front of you through the nieblo, sorry, fog, so our spirits were lifted as high as the peak! More later ...