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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Foggy Sue, Foggy Sue, foggy foggy foggy foggy FOGGY Sue

The view from the front porch is?
And the view from the back porch is …?
Yup, a-all da-ay lo-onnngg.
J insisted on taking down the main when he was about to come off watch, so I had the pleasure of seeing him, lifeline on, admittedly, haring around the cabin top in the dark. Even deck lights have dark places. This I don’t like, and told him. Well, enough.
After motoring all day well off Cape Race, we rounded the south eastern corner of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland’s most easterly region, and crawled up the side of this invisible land. Fermeuse Bay and Harbour are about 40-odd seamiles from St John’s, so this is just an overnight stop. As we approach the fjord-like entrance to the bay, the sun comes out – hot! – and the fog starts rolling away. It looks as if the sea is steaming, smoking, as the land is revealed. Ahh! A rifted, glaciated rockscape, covered in dark green pine forests. To port, the jagged rockface has been eroded, or has fallen, or both, to make deep huge caverns. We are looking at the bones of the earth, rising from the sea.
To the top of the bay, and a few mainly white painted houses make up a couple of settlements. Fishing boats are tied up, and many are out of the water. J drops the anchor, I turn off the engine.


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