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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A musical soiree - or, singing for my supper

J has a friend here who works, or doesnt work - it's a bit uncertain - for a former fishery concern down at the docks. Last night J and I, and friend A and his wife V (really friendly and lovely couple) went out for a meal. A drove us round the countryside - they are both originally from Hull, but have lived here for decades, and call it "heaven" - it's green and rolling, cut into all the time with fingers of water. The ice age ended up here, smoothing the hills, and leaving massive round granite boulders as its terminal moraine - these now used to ornament and shore up dock walls. Architecturally, the style is New England - beautiful, large dolls' houses. And so much space! Compared with England: Lunenburg has a population of around 3 thousand, and is very definitely a town; my village has 5000 people - yet is only a village. How squashed we are! I love the expanses.

Yesterday (June 14, Wednesday) I took a horse-drawn carriage tourist trip round Lunenburg, saw off the Sail Training Vessel Unicorn from the berth across from us, went out for the jolly meal and pub quiz (meat pie, bread pudding on the menu), and then back to A and V's for the evening's entertainment.

Some of you mugs may know I will sing, rather variably, at the drop of a hat. A is a singer and karaoke fiend - he has TWO karaoke machines! With a couple of G&T's under my belt, and having refused the bread pudding earlier, I was up for a round of I Got You Babe, sung as a duet with A, The Way We Were, and a few other warbles. I had singing lessons last year (million thanks, Daisy - daughter - and Phil - singing teacher), oh and there's no stopping me now. Quick a capella version of Peggy Gordon, and I got clapped!!!

Then I had to climb down the lean-back ladder in high heels. And so to bed.


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