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Monday, July 31, 2006

More Sunday

On 1 May this year (2006), I was flying over the sea I'm now crossing - Belle Isle Straits. I was looking down on the endless wilderness lands of Labrador, and in the sunlight, I could see the silvered land of NFL. We are now over 8 weeks into our trip, about two thirds of the time has gone and already I feel the pulls - regret for endings and time passing, and anticipation of seeing my beloved family again.

A dolphin - a 'jumper' - rides the bow wave, and vanishes.

Last bit of Belle Isle Strait is choppy, and the wind has increased - we are motorsailing with one reef in the main. I went for a quick snooze and when I reappeared, J said I should have used his bunk, as it's on the lee side. "Get you in my bunk, one way or another" he growls.

Later: "I bin thinking, J, if we had done what we shouldn't, and we'd fallen out, it would have spoilt this trip, not?"

"You're right, I guess". Unconvinced.

Got to Red Bay, and tied up at the public wharf. There was no-one around! No fishing boats tied up. Scattered white houses and some washing on a line, desperate to fly away.

Unlike NFL no-one comes to the wharf to see who we are. (But the next day, I get told we had been seen coming in - not missed) We officially tie up by 7.45 pm. Both tired - 13 hour day, and the last bit strenuous. Staying here tomorrow.


  • At 9:03 pm , Anonymous Alan said...

    Hi Susy,
    Posting this comment from the Public Library at Greenspond! Remember that?! My first full day of sailing with Laura & Dan was a bit dramatic involving a slip, blood, coastguard rescue and 12 stitches! But all well now if a little sore on my mouse arm.
    Glad you are in Labrador. Keep in touch.
    Alan & Laura.

  • At 12:22 am , Anonymous johnathon earle said...

    Hi Susy.
    As the first from Red Bay to give you an official welcome. We were glad to have you visit our community and I hope your trip will be a fun time. any information i can get you please let me know, keep in touch

  • At 3:25 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ahoy Susy!(and Jack)
    It's been great reading your posts on the trip, I've been thinking of Fortune all summer long- glad you are doing well; and keep up the humorous reads!
    Having spent some time myself on Fortune (with Cap'n Jack off to the Bahamas), many of your entries having me laughing out load at my PC screen!

    Hope you enjoy the remainder of your voyage-
    Tell "J" his favorite nephew is thinking of him!

    Tom Q
    aboard s/v Seaquence
    Lake Michigan


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