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"The rigors (sic) of an expeditionary lifestyle"

Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday 30 July

Left St Anthony after a musical night. The main mast ecided to be a tuning fork for the wind, and its internal string section tuned up and in, vibrato. J of course had no problem sleeping.

Looking back from the sea, we saw St A glowing in the sunlight, while we bathed in dark cloud. Dolphins escorted us and an immense whirl of seabirds were circling, wheeling, diving for their breakfast.

Course NE, wind out of the north 15-20 knots, so all sail set, engine off, big swell reducing and then 2 hours up the coast, the sun caught up with. Now this is sailing.

We're heading for Cape Bauld, the most northerly point of NFL, so after rounding it, we will be going south all the way. Meant to be heading off to Labrador this afternoon.

And LaM? Well, Suse wasn't able to fixit. Maybe next time, Jack.

"Dirty Old Town" and "Fairy Tale of New York" on the susiPod.

And the sun hides its face again as I write, but it's not cold - teeshirt and fleece. We have the sea all to ourselves, as usual. Wonderful, wild and alone.

Rounding Cape Bauld - it's like the end of the earth, with gannets. From now on it's all south and home, with extremely mixed feelings.

First, though, we cross the Belle Isle Straits, with Belle Isle a haze in the distance, as is the far Labrador coast.


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