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Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh Lord

Sunbathed in the cockpit, after walk.

There are lots of old building in good state here. The fish plant has caplin trucked in because there are none round here . Caplin roe is sent to Japan and China - it's a tiny delicacy. I asked a chap on the dock (lots of people have come to visit and chat), didn't they need the caplin roe for next year's caplin. He didn't seem to worry - shrugged and accepted it. Apparently, it's the first year there haven't been caplin here to be caught. I wonder why.

I tried buying a shower at the B&B - they wanted 20 dollars. I washed my hair in a bucket of water on the wharf.

I went to the church service this evening - a big anglican church in the teutonic style - white, red roof, sharply pointed spire. Inside, it's all painted a pale gray, even the excruciatingly uncomfortable pews. I have a backache across my ribs - which makes a change from low backache, which has completely gone - must be all that monkeying on the helm.

Anyway, a long and rambling Eucharist service, with a long and rambling sermon from the cheerful and informal Rev. Vernon, who had introduced himself earlier, and asked about this new visitor to his church. He even managed to bring in a bit about sailboats into his sermon!

About 10 or so congregation, and similar number of robed functionaries up at the altar.

Resounding hymn singing, especially one vigorous lady near a microphone - no "stuttering tongue", hers. (I'm quoting from a hymn - none of which I knew, but overcame by mumbling in an undertone.

Why was I in church? It always reinforces my disbelief, yet the words beyond the Word, give solace.

J had cooked supper when I got back - meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta and salad - excellent!

And for dessert? Changing the genoa for the storm jib rounds off a meal nicely.


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