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Monday, July 17, 2006

Sun 16 July

Under full sail, overcast and rainy, but scenic, we sailed from deserted Deer Island to Greenspond, a small outport. It has a picturesque rocky entrance - from the land side, but from the sea, I was able to see the waves crashing over a very nearby outcrop as we entered the harbour - it's a great sight close to, but closer ... hmmm, no.

J takes over the helm when we get to any hard bits. It's Susy's first rule of sailing, to avoid any hard bits, and this extends into all walks of my life - liquor, work, luck and er, oh yes, men. But as we all know they're hard to find, anyway, tee hee. Oops, promised myself not to be smutty. Oh, well.

We are blown on to the wharf, so go round to the sheltered side. We are helped by various people, and I even manage to hurl a line across quite a (for me) wide stretch of water - and it's caught. I'm not the best thrower ever known.

After the mooring is sorted out, I went for a walk, and talked to an indefatigable lady, planting geraniums, helped by her pregnant black cat. When we met up later, it was as if we had never met - and started all over again....

By the fish plant (our mooring, as ever) are: one house for sale, one closed restaurant for sale, one closed general store for sale, and a yard sale - contents of a store, whose owner is moving to Toronto.

Greenspons used to be an island but is now joined to the mainland by a causeway. There is also an extremely cute bridgelet to adjacent Ship Island. The whole area is picturesque - rocky islets, bays, white houses - but you feel it's prosperity is in the past.


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