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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sun 23 July

Left La Scie about 9 am, having found water at the ice plant. (I thought they made icecubes for drinks, till the chap there said it was for the fishing boats.)
Rainy and overcast, but quite warm. My foulie trousers have developed severe leaks around the fore and aft seam - I shall try Duck Taping it. (No, that didn’t work.)
A couple of whales are splashing about out to sea, but of course, they’ve moved on when we get there.
Westwards out and across towards Partridge Point, the other side of this peninsula - and after weeks of waiting, I finally make out, through the murk, the long arm of western Newfoundland, stretching northwards over the horizon. At its tip, it’s a clenched fist, with an arthritic index finger pointing to the Arctic and North Pole.
Got supper ready this afternoon (beef strips, scallions, carrots, mushrooms and bamboo shoots marinaded in honey, soy, olive oil, curry powder, ginger, coconut milk and black pepper - followed by fresh (just) fruit salad.) PS - it was really good!
We cross White Bay shrouded in white mist, and arrive at the entrance to Little Harbour Deep. And as we sail in, we are surrounded by dolphins, throwing themselves into the air - because they can! Some are cavorting a little way away - just having fun.
This inlet is fairly narrow between high hills about 1000 feet high, I gather, and at the far end is an abandoned house and outbuildings. We anchor off - it gets shallow quite quickly. Still cloudy and pretty cold. No radio signal here - so no forecast for tomorrow. Always that problem - if it’s good weather, do you grab it and sail on, or stop and enjoy it?
Except when we’ve been sailing overnight, when I’ve slept in my clothes, I usually wear my navy satin nightdress to bed. Tonight, it’s too cold for that, so it’s fleece, woolly trousers and woollier Antarctic socks. And three blankets.


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