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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Din dins

Jack invited me out to dinner tonight. It was extremely enjoyable - al fresco at the Harbour View.

We had:

Starter: Fisherman's Chowder x 2

Main course: J - cod
S - Screech and Coke

Pudding: J - Apple pie and icecream
S - Screech and Coke

CD music - Irish folk songs. Before the end of the main course, I'm singing along.


  • At 9:44 am , Blogger Salli said...

    Auntie Brent(Canadian visitor) asked me if you had been screeched. I was able to tell her that you had had the pleasure.
    Just got back from the land of the little people. Have missed reading of your adventures in a far off land so am getting my fix this morning. (Wed 26th) Number one son came in while I was laughling out loud and said 'is it s'pose to be funny?' DAH!!!!!!! We got to the Emerald Isle in a 35'J109 racing boat passage from Falmouth to Cork 27 hours the first 3 motoring 'cos there was no wind. The b....y thing was doing 71/2 k's in a 6-7 NE hooley coming down from the land of the tartan skirts. Great fun...
    Keep up the good work.


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