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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Twillingate Fish Dock

stinks! At least, so say the man, woman and lovely shaggy dog I meet on the quay. Actually, the dog thinks it smells rather good really.

Also, simper, simper, the bloke thinks I'm in my forties. Never one to disoblige, I merely grin, consigning my passport to the fiery furnace, my poor abandoned underage children to the care of social services, and my grandchildren simply works of art and fiction.


  • At 9:07 pm , Blogger Raybelle de Jour said...

    hahaha. Quite the opposite happened to me the other day. Guy at the Santiago Museum of Modern (but Shite) Art thought my 28 year old friend was my DAUGHTER. Born when I was 4? Couldn't think quickly enough how to say 'fuck off' in Chilean so dissolved in my own internal grief and promised myself that when I return here, botox is my first port of call. XX


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