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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday more

Got to St Anthony's this afternoon, after a nerve-wracking wriggling round the rocks densest fog entry - thank goodness for radar, I say. The chart (Brit Admiralty c. 1800 bc) showed us to be off Hare Bay - a wide bit of water - and lots of searoom, when the radar showed hard land to port and not that far off, either.

Anyway, tied up in front a large ex-fishing boat (was Danish, North Sea fishing - guess till that was vacuumed clean), now US owned and used to take tourists on trips to Labrador. We look like poor relations! And this is the best yet - not only no ladder, but a concrete wall swooped with large rubber sausages. I have made a rubbish, but workable, Jacob's ladder to shimmy up the wall. J has lashed a horrible plastic ladder to the wall coping - I refuse to use it - it creaks and wobbles.

I went shopping and got delivered + shopping back to the boat by the store manager, Gord, who most unbelievably kindly offered me use of his computer and the internet. I met his wife and gorgeous little blond son, and their wuffly dog, Jackson.

Cauliflower cheese + ham for supper - tired out! Heard J raiding his candy store after I went to bed. Fading away, he is.


  • At 9:26 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not really anon the b.....thing doesnot remember my password. I remember it. the usual one like all the pin numbers.
    Just wanted to say that the long blue satin nightdress and the pink flipflops make such a fetching boating outfit - and ooohhh sooooo practical wilst hoisting stuff.
    Ta Ra


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