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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday 26 July - Cape Rouge Bay - notes in a rush

Rowed across the bay the see a waterfall, then back, drifting with the incoming tide along the shore. Landed, picked mussels and put into a net bag.

11 people came by from Conche to say hellow - they are a wedding party up from St John's, and used to live in Conche.

I boiled my mussels, but J wouldn't have any. I said could I be buried at sea if they're fatal. Bit gritty, but OK - took a picture of them!

J didnt have my mussels - I don't think he trusts things from the wild, because he'll eat them in restaurants.

"Now, venison" he adds - "I like venison. If you can get a moose ...".

So I tell him of my childhood and how my father used to hang the deer he's shot from the frame of my swing. "Only for the pot, J" I assure him. "But he was a bit of a killer. I could butcher a moose - if I had to - from watching him so many times."


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