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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A funny turn

Tuesday 29 August

J and I took the buses into downtown Halifax. Being a dolt with buses, I paid as well as J! And no chance of getting the money back...

On the second bus, I was accosted by an English voice - another Susan, from Weymouth, but left over 30 years ago. We, or rather she, talked about her life - widowed, late husband, grandchildren, would like to live in NZ again, museum guide - until she got off. Nice lady.

Halifax is a really cool city - multicultures and bicycles and fairtrade and organics

J and I walked down to the waterfront, saw some old boats (part of the Maritime Museum), went into the Marina office and found we could have moored here after all, then went to look for books (pre S's bag of books). Found an old bookstore, where J searched out, it seemed, only those books with a watery theme. So far, he'd led the tour, which accounts for the obsession with all things maritime in this paragraph. Never mind the little shops, clothes, jewellers, cafes, then ...

But all of a sudden, in the stuffy bookstore, I came over all strange and had to sit on some stairs. Low blood sugar, despite the slow release banana for breakfast. I found J and we went outside where I slid down the granite wall to hunker on the sidewalk. This doesnt happen to me - but I thought altitude didnt happen to me, either (see May blog). Anyway, we went to a cafe, had coffee and samosa, and gradually I began to feel a bit better, providing I stuck to slow motion. We had lunch in a rather spartan and grubby pizza/Lebanese place, then caught the buses back to the boat.

I had a little lie-down, a little read, a little sleep.


  • At 1:25 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Obviously too much blood in your Stella system!!!!



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