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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tugboat Susy! (the longer version)

Saturday 26 August

I've ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS!!! I've seen drawings in magazines and books, and now I'VE ACTUALLY DONE IT!!!!

We lashed the dinghy to the starboard side of the boat and I drove the dinghy and Fortune under 2.5 hp outboard up to the head of the Northwest Arm about a mile to the Armdale Yacht Club. J was directing from the cockpit, as I had very limited views. Guess who got the wet job again - water slopping in over the dinghy bows! But it was sunny and the water was warm and it was the GREATEST FUN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Take a photo, Jack!' I shout up at him, but he's too busy being worried about his boat. Happily, someone in a passing yacht snaps as we go by and later detective work tracks it down. I may get my picture yet.



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