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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I should have guessed ...

Still Sunday.

Back to the boat, and now we have neighbours - a powerboat. I went to check if our still-strappped-on dinghy was in their way (it wasn't), and was invited on board for rum and coke. P & J, the very merry, couple of sheets to the wind, joint owners, said their engine had broken down and they had had to be towed in. (Hey! You can sail with sails - and wind!)

Slightly ahead of me down the rum bottle, P proceeded to lightly grill, roast and then put me on toast about my trip, finances, motivations, credentials, conclusions, attitudes, life in general towards wildlife, Newfoundland, the kipper and screw setup (!) on Fortune, oh and did I mention Newfoundland?

His friend J leant forward and quietly mentioned P comes from Newfoundland.

You can take the b'ye out of Newfoundland, reet?

I said how much I liked the nosy Newfoundlanders, being nosy myself ...

(PS - write back, chaps - you can comment here! We should be gone by the weekend. It was great fun and a pleasure to meet you both)


  • At 1:23 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It was all we could do to get you to have a small pub sized schooner of sweet sherry whilst on the water - what is all this alcopop stuff. Have I found a serious drinking buddy?



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