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Monday, August 28, 2006

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Thursday 24 August

'Autohelm's on the fritz,' says J, when I come on watch again. A new expression to me, but instantly understandable. J has the sails nicely balanced, so Fortune is virtually sailing herself - the advantage of a long keeled boat. We are still tacking against the 10-15 knot wind. I finish up some cold soup for breakfast.

While J slept, I had a great time playing boats, tacking up and down. Unfortunately, I forgot about him, and the last tack tipped him out of his bunk. All that day we continued zigzagging towards Halifax.

In the darkness, phosphorescent organisms sparkle in our bow wave.

My watch from 8 pm, and J is understandably keen to preserve the battery power - so, no lights.

AAARGH! I had to tack, couldn't see jacksh*t, couldn't find the torch, when I did, couldn't find the on button, when I did, misremembered the course to steer, overcorrected, backed the jib, tacked back again, totally disoriented, had a mild fit of hysterics, woke J, insisted on masthead lights and compass light. J retired me to bed.

Up again 2.15 am - with above lights on - damn the batteries - everything was jolly good, and I played boats again very happily while J snoozed.


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