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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tugboat Susy

In Halifax Armdale YC - long story cant do now, but I drove the dinghy lashed to Fortune up the NW Arm of Halifax Harbour - no engine, no autohelm. THE GREATEST FUN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J WETTIN HIS PANTS THOUGH sorry must go


  • At 5:00 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dear Grandma,

    I hope you are ok and I'm looking forward to seeing you when you get back. I've got a bad cough at the moment and I've had my ears pierced. Finny's ok I saw him on Tuesday. Lily came round yesterday and she went on the trampoline with me. Ziah is getting annoyinger and annoyinger every day and he's really good at football now and he's always playing on the playstation. Mummy's got some lovely flowers. I go back to school soon and I'm going to be in Wren and Ziah's going to be in Skylark.

    Take care, I love you loads

  • At 1:51 pm , Blogger susyrosyworzy said...

    Hello gorgeous Ebs and Zia - got your news here and from an email from Ray!

    I'm just so delighted to hear what you're up to - pierced ears, eh? Fantastic! What earrings have you got? I love earrings and now I can get you some pretty ones. And GERBILS! Hooray! Just the very fellows - you can play with them better than a lizard, and they dont smell like mice. And the football - excellent You are all up to so much and I'm missing you all such a lot - mind you, I'm having a really good time. It's bit of a shame - wish I could be with you and here at the same time. You will be back to school by the time I get back and all going up a year - Have you both grown more? And Lilybelles? Did you bounce her off the trampoline tee hee? Hope your rotten coff is better, Ebeline and have your front teeth grown? My dearest little babies, I'm so looking forward to seeing you again, and as I expect my big babies will read this - I'm missing all of you! Came across a photocopy of photos of you all the other day, and got quite overcome! Loads and loads of luv hugs and kissis to everyone AND ESPECIALLY FINNSY tee hee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    luv grandmuv


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