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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday 17 August

We arrived at Baddeck at 6 am and tied up to the public wharf. With a marina, lots of sailboats on moorings, a couple of superyachts and a sailing tours schooner packed with blue plastic padded seats on deck at the wharf - it's quite a culture shock from Newfoundland. This is a pretty, tourist place, well groomed. I shall have to wear clothes here, but for now, J is worn out and falls asleep straight away. I'd grabbed an hour, drag on the cleanest of my clothes - the cleavage teeshirt and pyjama trousers, and head off out in the early sun to look for coffee.

The only person around is standing on the shore. With Newfoundland cheeriness, rather than British reserve, I go up to him - he's R, a French Canadian, staying here with his family for a few days. We go and find a coffee shop and wander up the road. He wants to see bald eagles and has travelled extensively, so, no shortage of things to talk about.

Afterwards, I collect the laundry from the boat, find an internet place - and here I am, up to date!

More later, folks. lol xx


  • At 9:23 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I susy,

    I just found back your blog address.
    We met last August 17th in Baddeck.
    After three days, I finally saw some Bald eagles, unbelievably close. Got great pictures.



  • At 11:56 am , Blogger susyrosy said...

    Hey Richard! Hope you get to see this - thanks for writing and I'd love to see your bald eagle pictures. My email addy is



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