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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Pyrrhic Victory

Discussing our next landfall after four days at Codroy, J wants to push for 24 hours to Baddeck in the Bras d'Or Lakes. I'd rather stop after 16 hous at Ingonish. The forecast is fair for 2 days - which is why J wants to push on, and I see his point. I would only do this if we reverted to the strict watch system of our outward trip - I'm worried about getting too tired.

We then discuss the earlier watch system - and find we have differing memories of its timings. And I know I'm right. Type A person (google this) Jack insists he's right, because Type As are always right, right? Tee hee. No, they aren't!

"Trade you, Jack - I'll go straight to Baddeck if you admit I'm right."

After extensive checking (!!) in the log (by J), cos I don't have to, and finger pointing (by me) - he still can't believe it and keeps on checking.

Behind his back, I'm doing a victory prance!! I lean over his shoulder.

"You remember I said I was a bad winner, J," I crowed.

"Well," he admitted at last, "I guess you were right."

"Don't even think about it, J," straightfaced. "It's history - I've forgotten ALL about it." And I laugh again.

Mind you, of course he's got his way - and it's the long trail to Baddeck, after all.


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