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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Soggy Sue, soggy Sue, soggy, soggy, soggy ...

Tuesday 15 August

A gale blew up overnight and from the south, where we want to go. If we were going north, it would have been a great sail - the sea state was pretty regular except along the cosst, where the surf and the rollers and breakers are destroying themselves on the stony beaches.

There are big waves and spray bursting over the wharf and the boat on the inner side. Having spent the morning knitting and sewing

"Aint I domesticated, Jack?"

"Domestic," he replies

I togged up in foulies just to get off the boat. I was soaked with the spray while trying to pull Fortune up against the wind. But after that, it was warm and dry, with with all that wind.

Went to the cafe, and being my usual observant self, saw there was a new waitress, taking a break at a table. I thought she looked familiar - and it was Wendy, having lunch. No chance of covering up my lack of recognition, of course.

After 3 cups of coffee and the pleasure of flushing the restroom loo with a mere press of a finger, we went for a walk out to Cape Anguille lighthouse. We had both passed it four days earlier - W in her kayak + inquisitive seals, me asleep in my bunk. Speaks for itself, doesn't it.

Walking back along the coastal path, she on long legs bounds across rocks and puddles and mud and a couple of torrenting streams, almost dryshod to the end. Me - I stumble and flounder, trews and shoes awash and a-mud. I could blame the varifocals (I do), or the short legs (I do), but basically, I'm a bit clumsy, with a genius for choosing wobbly rocks.

The wind blows me inside out and it's feckin marvellous. W and I say goodbye - she'll be off early. A pleasure to have met her.

I wake J up to tell him what a great walk it was. I can tell he's envious - he drops off again at once. I could do with a shower now, so of course, I won't get one.


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