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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mother of the bride

Apart from attempting to make a cake look cool, I'm peeling rose petals off their stems to make confetti. The colour scheme is red and white/cream. I now have a box full of these beautiful velvety petals.

I've got to read a poem (Auden) at the wedding ceremony - it's wryly amusing with a tear jerker last couple of lines. I've been practising it - going for the laughs and ending with not a dry eye in the house. I'm good! But I know what will happen - I'll gabble it in a monotone and lose all the emotion. Deep breaths, gal, deep breaths.

Oh, and I have strict orders - Rachel has told me, if I think something is funny, I have to hold my tongue and say nothing - because, she says, it WONT be. PMSL.... again!

PS I kept a very straight face the other day. Rachel had had herself fake tanned and was cuddling Isabella, who licked her mother's chest and got a brown face..


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