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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finn the dog

My elderly black labrador has been to the vet this week. For quite a while he's had a rather revolting lump on his bottom. Nope, sorry, there's no way of making this sound nice. Anyway, I'd had it checked some time ago, it wasn't causing him any problems, but it did rather offend human sensibilities.

Well, it had gradually been getting bigger, so this week he was reluctantly pushed through the vet's door, anaesthetised and his bottom sorted out. Usual vet stuff when I collected him - the bill was a miracle of added value - what started out as a quote for £180 has ended up at nearly £300. And that was already having avoided the chest x-ray and the lump analysis costs.. (Why do vets always make you feel guilty for obviously not caring for your pet to the nth degree by subjecting him to every known procedure?).

Anyway, Finn was OK, apart from looking rather groggy and sporting a huge white ruff collar, which he's still wearing. Visually, I'm glad he's had this done, and for his sake, too, as it was starting to cause him trouble. Even without the (expensive) lab report, I know the lump is cancerous and will probably return, but he's 11, nearly 12, which is old for a lab.

(This next bit isn't for the delicate)

I now have to clean his bottom. Joy. And he's farting horribly. Sorry about that.


  • At 12:32 pm , Blogger Raybelles said...

    well you've done your children a favour - we'll never suffer from such grossities - as this is the final straw in putting us off pets for life!


  • At 5:17 pm , Blogger susyrosy said...

    I've always had your best interests at heart, darling!

    luv muv xxxxxxx


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